#CeltfatherLive is a free online show by Marc Gunn. No need to go anywhere. Just turn on your computer or phone and watch the show. You can also chat and sing-along with other Gunn Runners.


Coffee with The Celtfather

Tuesday mornings around 9am CST/ 10pm EST
put money in the virtual tip jar on bandcamp

I'm taking a wee break from my evening concerts to try something new. Every Tuesday morning in January around 9 am, I am hosting Coffee with The Celtfather. I will log on to Facebook and sing songs for you. You can even make your own requests. The show is free to watch. However, I ask for just two small things.

  1. SHARE the show. Right now, I'm just doing about 20-30 minutes, but if I can get over 50 viewers then I will go on longer. That means you just need to share. I'll play as long as you like if I can bring in enough people to watch.
  2. Give a tip in my Virtual Tip Jar on Bandcamp. Any amount is greatly appreciated. It allows me to keep making music for you.

Mark your calendar now!

Watch last year's Celtic Halloween special:

CELTFATHER LIVE? Marc hosts a live online concert & chat show on either YouTube or Concert Window. I sing songs, chat, and we have some great craic together.

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? You can request a song for any livestream show on the Facebook event for that show. You can join the chat on the YouTube page to talk to other viewers, and you can participate on Twitter by using the #CeltfatherLive hashtag to ask questions or send photos! It’s fun. It’s easy, and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your bed!


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