Internet Concerts

#CeltfatherLive is a free online show by Marc Gunn. No need to go anywhere. Just turn on your computer or phone and watch the show. You can also chat and sing-along with other Gunn Runners.

This month's show is the Mercenary Show. It's a free concert that will last 30 minutes or as long as you keep tipping with your song requests.

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Thursday, September 21 at 8pm

8pm CST/ 9pm EST
tune in at!

I'm calling this The Mercenary Show. Because while it is free to watch, the more you tip, the more songs I will play.

Rules of the Mercenary Game

At 8 PM, I will turn on Concert Window. We will check the settings and make sure everything sounds and looks great. I will then lay out The Rules of the Mercenary Game.

I share the 7 songs I intend to play. You can replace any song by giving a $5 Song Request Tip on Concert Window. I will play your song.

After my 7 songs are done, the show will end, UNLESS…

Unless someone like you cares enough to make a $10 song request. If you do, then I will keep playing music for as long as I keep getting $10 song requests.

At the one hour mark, song requests go up to $15 per song and $20 per song at the 1 1/2-hour mark.

Special notes:

  1. Yes, you can get work together to make requests happen. Two people can make a $10 request together, or 2 people can $3 each and one $4 to make a $10 request together.
  2. If I don't know the song or don't remember it, you can have me find the lyrics and play it anyway, or you can pick another song. It's up to you!

Ready to have fun?

Watch this old show:

CELTFATHER LIVE? Nearly every month, Marc hosts a live online concert & chat show on YouTube channel. I'll sing songs, chat, and we'll have some great craic together.

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? You can request a song for any livestream show on the Facebook event for that show. You can join the chat on the YouTube page to talk to other viewers, and you can participate on twitter by using the #CeltfatherLive hashtag to ask questions or send us photos! It’s fun, it’s easy, and everyone involved can wear pajama pants if they want to!