Giving Thanks in 2017

Red Shirt I got from The Phantom Star

I love this time of year. The weather gets colder. Christmas music starts playing. And the mood is thankfulness.

I feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet. In 1992, I had a dream. I could make a living as a musician like my idol, Elvis Presley. It took thirteen years, but it happened in 2005. It happened even with all of the scary changes in the music business. I've never looked back.


Because of you!

You listen to my music.
You share my live videos.
You tell your friends about this kilt wearing, cat loving, sci fi drinking songs singing GEEK.

Thank you.

You are the reason I share new music.
You are the reason I make entertaining podcasts.
You are the reason I keep putting myself in front of audiences online and offline.

Thank you!

When I first started playing music with the Bards, I remember being back home, sad and bored. I remember depression sinking in. Then I went to another show. I was filled again with joy. I brought happiness to you. And in return, I was filled with bliss.

It makes me happy to create music for you.

It makes me happy to sing for you.

So I want to thank you for being a part of my journey and my life. I wish you as much joy this Thanksgiving with your own family and friends.


As a special thanks, the Brobdingnagian Bards have a new Christmas music special. You can get 7 CDs for the price of 3. It's an amazing deal! Click here to order.

Live Video

I recorded a lot of live videos last week. I've gone full force into those once again. Hopefully, I'll be doing them more. How many really depends on two things: tips and sharing.

I've seen a few small successes with tips and sales over in my Virtual Tip Jar since I started back up with these Facebook Live shows. If I can make a little money doing these videos, then it could becoming financially worthwhile to do one at least once a week, maybe even more often.

Sharing is the other one. It turns out that on Facebook SHARES are one of the ways any content there is supercharged. It works especially well when it's on video and even better when it's LIVE!

I was on Facebook Live yesterday morning with 26 people watching. If all 26 of those folks shared the video at once, the reach could go through the roof. If that number gets up to 50 or 100… WOW!

I'm cross-posting the Facebook videos to YouTube as I am able. Here are some of the live shows I recorded this week:

Kilted Kings at Louisiana Renaissance Festival

We were only booked for two weekends this year at LARF. So if you want to see us perform, you better come out this weekend. We have three shows daily at the new Kings Stage.

Getting Started with Celtic Music

If you've followed my career for even a smidgen of time, you probably know that I also host the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. This award-winning show highlights Celtic music by indie Celtic bands.

This week, I wanted to share music that I thought would be a great intro to Celtic music. If you're a geek who's interested in learning more about Celtic music, then this might be a great show for you. Plus, it features TWO HOURS of AWESOME MUSIC!

You can listen, subscribe and share, right here!

Christmas Music Time!

I know we are still a few days away from Thanksgiving, but I think it's safe to say Christmas music can be played now. Sure, I've been listening since November began. But for the majority of people…

I have FOUR Christmas music playlists that I am enjoying on Spotify. If you're on there, could you follow my playlists? Here they are:

If you are playing any of my music in your Spotify playlist, let me know by sharing the link below.

I also have re-posted my Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards special offer. You can get four CDs for $20 (+ shipping) while these albums last. I've nearly sold out of the first run of my CD. So buy your CDs soon!

Thank you AGAIN for your generous support of my music. Slainte!