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MARC'S MUSINGS — May 1, 2008

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Marc's Musings

"Going for Brogue" CD CoverGreetings amici,

Texas, having beautiful spring days, who would've thought?

Every time I stepped outside after the big thunderstorm last weekend, I was amazed. The weather was delicious, cool, and lovely. The only problem is I haven't been out to enjoy it. I had a lot planned and not enough time to do it. But the results are getting me excited


Thanks to my acupuncturist, I am at last feeling great. My sinus problems are all gone, and my motivation kicked in over the weekend.

You see, I've had several CDs that I planned to finish this spring. The first and most important was Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers. It is at the printers as we speak and should arrive by the end of May.

The second was a CD called, What Color Is Your Dragon? Folk Music with Delusions of Grandeur. It's a CD that I've been recording over the past year and releasing as singles on the MarcSongs Podcast. There were a couple songs that still needed recording. So I kept putting it off… until this weekend. The music is now recorded! I hope to mix it this week.

Whiskers in the JarThe third was a last minute decision. It's a an album of Irish songs and sea shanties that I recorded over the past few years with an Irish accent for my Irish-Song-Lyrics.com website. It's called Going for Brogue: Irish Pub Songs Songs and Sea Shanties with an Accent (go fig!). That album was my big accomplishment for the weekend. I remixed it, and sent it off to the printers. You can now pre-order a copy, and you should have it by the time I make it to Ireland in June.

Speaking of Ireland, we came to a big decision. This year's Brobdingnagian Bards Tour of Ireland is the last tour we're gonna do. Quite sadly, this is the second year we're losing money on it. While we have a great time, we're still indie musicians and can't afford to take big losses. So that's it.

That said, we do have four more spots available on this year's tour. This trip will be a one bang up party that you don't want to miss. So if you're interested in going AND you can afford it, email me ASAP. Right now, the trip lists for $2600. But if you let me know immediately, I'll knock off $100 from the price until Monday.

Meantime, we're heading back to the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival this weekend and the next three. This will be our last engagement before we fly off to Ireland.


A LaughOkay, maybe it really won't save your life, but I hope you'll enjoy it! hehe! 🙂

I made a big change a couple weeks ago. I decided to start using my homepage blog more. In the past, I blogged on Livejournal or Myspace quite regularly. Both are great websites, and I haven't abandoned them. But I feel I can offer more when it's coming straight from my homepage. I have a new RSS feed which will allow you to add my blog to your newsreader–http://www.marcgunn.com/blog.xml .

That said, there's a LOT of news I posted in the past week as I made updates to my website. I reorganized my CDs and merchandise page to make it easier and more accessible. There are some questions that need answering (here and here) and much more. You can even get email updates of blogs. Lots to do. I hope you'll be a part of my community.

Thank you for interacting with me. Please drop me a line and say hi. Slainte!
– Marc Gunn

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