Heaven vs. Hell Set List

Yesterday was Easter. I totally forgot about that when I setup my monthly Concert Window show. I still had fairly decent turnout for Easter. There 12 people who bought tickets averaging $9.92 per person. There were also 14 Concert Window subscribers as well. It was kind of a record low turnout, but we all had fun.

I feel like I may be over-saturating the market. So I decided I'm not gonna do a weekly show in May. I'm scheduling the next one on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 at 7:30pm. That'll be part of the Baby Watch Month, as we wait for the birth of my second daughter Inara Gunn.

Sunday, May 24th will be the next date. It'll also be the date when I show off my new baby, who should be about a week old or so. *knock on wood*

If those two shows have a small turnout, then I may consider cutting down the number of shows. You see, there are two ways to look at booking “locally”. One is you do a weekly show that you can promote and promote to generate excitement and energy that will draw in more people. The other is where you book a monthly show where you can slowly build a fan base that gets excited each and every month and they GATHER to catch the show and hang out with one another, no matter what, because it's only once a month.

With the turnout a wee bit sketchy, I gotta reconsider how I do these shows.

Now that said, I thought it'd be fun to gather the song lyrics for each show. Here was this week's list.

Heaven and Hell Set

Kenzie's Guest Songs

Your Song Requests

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