Help Victims of Irish Music Top the Charts… Again

I just published a “Where are they now?” article about Victims of Irish Music.  I first released the album in 2006.  It continues to be one of my top-selling albums.  But every year around St. Patrick's Day, it drops on the charts as new albums are released.  That's fine, but I want to see it top the charts again for our St. Patrick's Day music holiday.  It's a great time for Irish songs and Irish music.

On March 10th, I'd like to ask you to buy one song off the album.  Here are the top 5 tracks:

  1. “Congress Reel” by Poitin
  2. “Lannigan's Ball/Rambling Pitchfork/Tar Road Sligo” by Cady Finlayson
  3. “Sleeping Under The Tables Set” by Kennedy's Kitchen
  4. “Cooley's Set (Reels: Cooley's Reel,/Sporting Paddy/Toss The Feathers)” by Wild Clover Band
  5. “Polkas and Slides” by The Tea Merchants

Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine.  Buy one of those tunes for you on iTunes or Amazon.  If you already own it, buy it for a friend.  On March 10th, you'll get an email reminder, plus I'll send you an album of free St. Patrick's Day MP3s.