Hobbit Drinking Songs and Brobdingnagian Thanks

Tonight's Hobbit Drinking Songs show at DragonCon was, wow, incredible. That's all I can say. Just wow! We had a packed house of 500 people singing songs, some that I never imagined would sound so awesome with a big group (I'm looking at you “Heart of Fangorn“). Thanks to everyone who showed up and sang! Next year, I'm even told, we're gonna have a bar outside the show!

An incredible thanks to Bonnie Humphrey again. She sang “I See Fire” at the end of the show and BLEW people OUT of the SHIRE! The ALEP Elven (and dwarf) choir was just fantastic.

Thanks also to Jessica Brawner and Michael Donley for helping us out (and can't forget Ali and Rae as well who were helping out at the table all weekend).

Also incredible thanks to my Atlanta Street Team. I can't wait to see the turnout at Johnnie Maccracken's pub on September 19th. Thanks especially to Melodic Discourse, Patricia, Debra, and Chris. Y'all are awesoommmmmmme! Thanks to you we have a ton of new subscribers to the mailing list and MacCracken's… hehehehe 🙂

Finally, an incredibly, amazing thanks to my good friend and music partner Andrew McKee! This incredible weekend would NOT be possible without him. You rock, dude!

Oh! And in case that's not enough, I HAVE ONE MORE SHOW!

It's the Pub Songs Podcast Live! panel which will close up the con as it's done every year for the past 5 or 6 years… (When did I start that again?) It's gonna be awesome.

Thank you all again. WOW!