How America Saved Irish Music Now Available on CD

Marc Gunn & Jamie Haeuser - How America Saved Irish Music

My newest album with Jamie Haesuer How America Saved Irish Music was released on February 19th with amazing results. It hit #1 for Best Traditional British & Celtic Folk music on Amazon where it stayed in the top 10 for about a week. This was all done before the official CD was even available.

Why? Mostly because I forgot to send CD Baby actual physical CDs. That has no changed. The physical CD is now up on CD Baby awaiting your love. It has beautiful graphics designed by Charles Davis and imagery hand-picked by partner on the album, Jamie Haeuser. You will get a glimpse inside the minds of both us as you fall in love with these amazing songs, including two original songs by Jamie: Bridget’s Prayer and . These are important songs to share.

If you prefer to own CDs, order your copy today.