How Can You Get Involved in 2011?

So you enjoy Marc Gunn's music and you want to help spread the word about me? Here's what you can do to get involved.

1. Tell a Friend

Word of mouth marketing is by far the most-powerful. So post a message or blog on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter. Share & Like on all those sites. Post a banner. Grab a beer at the pub and talk about Celtic music and how I introduced you to it.  Get excited and talk about my music and many projects. Just talk about it. (“You've got to hear this.”)

If they need examples…

2. Share My Music

Buy a CD and give it as a friendly gift. Remember if you buy any 2 of the same CD on CD Baby, you will save at least 20%! If you want a Great starter CD, check out my Irish Songs for New Orleans. It's a compilation of songs from my newer albums, plus, some of my favorite songs to perform live.

If you don't have money right now, I understand. Instead, send an email to your friends and offer a link to my free CD. Lend one of your current CDs to a friend. Burn a few of your favorite songs onto a CD and give it to a friend (make sure you label it with my name and URL). Post some of your favorite songs of mine on Bittorrent or Limewire. I want my music to be heard. So just share it!

3. Listen and Share My Podcasts

First impressions are amazing. Some folks will listen to ONE song and not give it another chance. That's okay. They will get another chance if they listen to my podcasts. I host several. And if they don't enjoy my music right now, they may enjoy it after becoming a fan of my podcasts. So share them. Like them. Join my Celtic podcast fan page or the Ren Fest fan page. My Pub Songs Podcast also features news and street team projects. So when you listen, you'll learn other great ways to promote my music. And when you promote my podcasts, you are promoting me!

Make a Request at Your Radio Station or Podcast

4. Request My Music on the Radio

There are a lot of independent Celtic, folk, new age, and comedy radio shows found in the college markets or the public radio markets.  But not all DJs are that familiar with my music. So make a request for it each time the show comes on. Open a dialogue with show host. If the station doesn't currently have any of my music, get a contact name, show format (Celtic, comedy, etc) and a mailing address. Email that info to me. I'll send some music asap.

5. Request My Music on a Podcast

I've been played nearly 200 podcasts. But new podcasts are being created daily. So contact your favorite podcaster and request my music. Again, if they don't have any, send me their info and I'll send them a CD. Or tell them to download my free CD.

Oh! And while you're at, have you considered starting your own podcast? I'd love for you to play my music. I'd be happy to do an interview.

6. Join Me in Ireland

At least once a year, I host my Celtic Invasion Vacations. A group of like mind Celtic music lovers, travel to exotic locations and enjoy a relaxing week together. We've done trips to Ireland, Scotland and Italy. I'm also planning trips to France and New Zealand. If you've ever want to see the world, you'll enjoy it more with a good group of friends. So come join me on a Celtic Invasion Vacation.

7. Get and Share Your Marc Gunn Bumper Stickers

Stickers are fun! That's why I made my “Kilted For Her Pleasure” sticker. I've gave over 1000 stickers in less than three months. People love 'em. So order some stickers and give them away to all your kilted friends.

8. Sport Some Swag

I've had a number of fans email me with stories about how they ran into other Marc Gunn fans while wearing my T-Shirts. You can find a bunch of merch , t-shirts, and other swag in my music store. It's a great way to show the world you enjoy what I do.

9. Keep Reading My Blog

I continually have new promo ideas, stories to share, interviews people have requested, new gigs to promote, new songs for you to hear. I post 'em in my blog. So please drop by regularly, read it, and find out what's new with Marc Gunn.

Want More Ideas? Read My Promo Tips.

Marc Gunn “The Celtfather” is an acoustic Celtic folk musician–-Celtic music, the Traditional and the Twisted–and Chief Editor of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Gunn is a champion of indie Celtic music and has given away over ten million MP3s through his music and podcasts since he began his Celtic music career in 1999. His Irish & Celtic Music Podcast won “Best Podsafe Music” two years in a row in the Podcast Awards and is one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes.