How Do You Tell a Woman You’re in Love with Her? (Lyrics)

by Marc Gunn

I wrote this song in September, 2007. It began with a riff on the autoharp. It was raining outside, so I just singing some random lyrics into my digital recorder. Then I refined the story, re-recorded it with instrumentation and loved the danceable fun feel of the song. I added it to my CD, What Color Is Your Dragon?.

Out of the rain, I came a-wandering
Out of the rain, I swayed.
I was wet. I was filled with sorrow
From the love that I left in the glade.

She said to me, “Sweep me away and marry me.”
Thought to myself, “I will.”
But when I came a-knocking on her front door.
She said, “I'm in love still.”

How do you tell a woman you're in love with her
When she's in love with a different man?
How do you listen when she touts her loneliness
And won't accept your hand.

My mouth was dry as I listened to her story.
And we strolled through the hillside gate.
She said her love was in love with another girl.
And my angel would wait.

I tried to tell her, “Why wait for another man
When I'm in love with you?
Take my hand and I will marry you,
She sent me from her view.