Back in college, I decided I wanted to start a band. One the friends I made, Jimmy Rimmer, liked the idea. So we started practicing together.

Unforunately, Jimmy was in Computer Science had more limited time than I did. I remember calling him almost daily to see if we could practice. I usually got his answering machine. One day, I got bored of saying, “Hey Jimmy, this is Marc. Give me a call.” So instead, I said, “Hey Johannes! This is Ichabod. Give me a call.”

Several hours later, I got a phone call. “Heyyyy Ichabod!”

“What? Huh?” Then I realized it was Jimmy. He then reminded me about my earlier phone call. Since then, he's been Johannes, and I became Ichabod. Or together. Jo Ichy! (Jo as “Yo”). Okay, that's my little joke.

Actually, Johannes told me a while back that he thought I had said, “Hey Ichabod, this is Johannes.” Nevertheless, I'm Ichy and he's Johan.

I performed under the name Ichabod for several years. In 1997, my band Breastfed broke up. I started playing the autoharp. A few months later, I went into the studio with a dozen songs and recorded my first solo CD Geography. Then I quit my job and started playing music full-time… okay not really. In fact, it was a dismal failure. And I learned a good lesson from the experience.

But the CD was a lot of fun nevertheless. I wish I still had my old bio and stuff from that time. Ah well.

Geography Track Listing:

  1. Parliamo Troppo
  2. The Lolly Song
  3. Reflexology
  4. Lounging in La La Land
  5. Bella's Highland Jig
  6. Dying Flame
  7. A Walk Through the Land of Empty
  8. Something More
  9. Irish Ballad
  10. Monster in My Mirror
  11. Freight Train

Overall, I was fairly pleased with this first endeavor. Production-wise it rocked. I avoided the common problem of many bands having all the songs sound the same. Each track sounded original and fresh.

The problem with it, and why I'm not big on re-releasing is that the performance is mediocre. I skip some beats in a few songs. There's some tuning problems. Kinda sucks. Cuz aside from those things, I loved the album.

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