International Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

When it comes to travelling with Celtic Invasion Vacations, as well as travelling solo or “Just because,” sometimes it's worth taking out traveler's insurance. Plans will cover all sorts of things, from medical emergencies to flight cancellations to baggage loss. Figuring out what the best option is can be a pain, thanks to all of the legal-ese, so I've done some research and pulled together a few recommendations!
These are the Top-5 companies that have been rated by consumer reports and travel blogs for 2014 and 2015:
1) TravelGuard (Also called: AIG)
5) HTH
Now, those are all excellent options. But if you want a breakdown, explaining what options are best for your needs, I highly recommend visiting The Simple Dollar – this is a great starting point!
For those of you who have used travel insurance before, do you have a preferred company? I'd love some feedback and to hear why they were the best for you!
Note: I do not endorse any of these agencies, and have simply pulled this list together as a resource for listeners.