#73 – Halloween and Samhain Irish Celtic Music Special

Halloween and Samhain special of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast featuring Irish Celtic music fromĀ Scott Boswell, Dom Duff, New Shilling, Rising Gael, Franco Bordoni, Damanta, Vicki Swan and Johnny Dyer, Crepuscule, Marc Gunn, Tullamore, Terry Griffith, Seelie Court, The Elders, Ancient Times, Sora, The Irish Experience, Paisley Close, Finns Fury. www.celticmusicpodcast.com/73

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This Week:

“Samhain Dance” by Scott Boswell
from Jug of Punch

“Se Si Hi Eo” by Dom Duff
from [e-unan]

“Tam Linn Set” by New Shilling
from New Shilling

“Stretched On Your Grave” by Rising Gael
from One More Day

“The Lilting Banshee” by Franco Bordoni
from Urgente

“The Land of Shadows” by Damanta
from The Drunken Priest and the ghostly hymns of autumn

“Two Magicians” by Vicki Swan and Johnny Dyer
from SlipTease

“Devil in the Kitchen Set” by Crepuscule
from Shades of Music

“I'll Drink from Dusk Til Dawn” by Marc Gunn
from Happy Songs of Death

“Butcher's Set” by Tullamore
from Wild and Wicked Youth

“Risin' Of The Moon” by Terry Griffith
from Songs from the Pub

“The Night Before Larry Was Stretched” by Seelie Court
from The Court Is Now In Session

“Ghost of Ontario” by The Elders
from Gael Day

“Full Moon Jig” by Ancient Times

“Twilight” by Sora
from Heartwood

“The Wicked Jig” by The Irish Experience
from Green Energy

“Banish Misfortune-Rabbit's Moon” by Paisley Close
from All On A Day

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PROMO – Slice of Sci Fi

In every episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I ask you to vote for your favorite song in that podcast. The most-popular song is then featured at the end of the next podcast. Here are the most-popular songs from the last show.

5. “Farewell Pixel” by Jiggernaut
4. “Killarga Bay” by Adam Alexander and Joe Travers
3. “Forever Yours” by The Canny Brothers Band
2. “Bloody Hell” by Circled by Hounds

1. “Tippin It Up to Nancy” by Finns Fury
from What About Ya?

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