#93 – Celtic Music Feature on Poitin’s CD “Jiggery Pokery”

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk among the rolling
green hills of Ireland? Picture the texture of
standing stones, the sounds of Irish fiddle, and
the wet taste of Guinness on your lips and you’re
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Celtic Invasion of Ireland.
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This Week

Today's show is a special feature on Poitin. This Celtic group from the Czech Republic have performed since 1996 and continue to spread the Celtic gospel around Europe. The group has long been fans of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. So when I learned that they compiled their many albums into one compilation CD for release in the United States, I asked if they would be interested in releasing that album through the podcast. They wholeheartedly agreed.

As usual, if you enjoy their CD, all that we ask is that you support the band by buying a copy. You can purchase it through CD Baby or through any online distributor. But please show your support of independent Celtic music by buying a copy today.

Jiggery Pokery

1. The Congress Reel
2. The Sea-Planxty Eleanor Plunkett-Planxty Maggie Brown
3. Carolan's Ramble to Cashell
4. The Laird O' Cockpen
5. Lover's Ghost
6. De la Basse-Bretagne
7. Kan Bale an ARB
8. Son ar Sistr (La chanson du cidre
9. Lída, Lidunka
10. Springtime Frolics
11. A Bucket Full of Mountain Dew
12. Saxet
13. Curragh of Kildaire
14. Step It Out-DSPI remix
15. Saxet-DSPI remix
16. For to Free-DSPI remix

3 comments on “#93 – Celtic Music Feature on Poitin’s CD “Jiggery Pokery”

  1. While I love the music in your podcast, I’m almost always frustrated by the format — except for this time. I have to really really fall in love with a song to come back to my computer and figure out which song it was, who performed it, and actually buy it. This has happened at most once in the years I’ve listened. This format of featuring a single group and disk means that when the podcast is done, i know exactly what I’ve been listening to. I don’t know if I’ll buy this one, but finally I can actually consider buying something you’ve put in your podcast.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Michael. Yeah. I do like doing this… It does raise an interesting idea that I’ll consider in the future… Mayhaps a podcast just of one Celtic band at a time… That could be interesting. I’ll think about it. Meantime, I’ll see what I can do to make it easier for ye. Slainte!

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