Irish Drinking Songs and St. Patrick’s Day in 2015

There's a reason why I've spent so much time recording albums that are called “drinking songs“. It'll started in 1999 when I was buying a book at Half-Price Books on South Lamar in Austin. I saw a green cassette labeled “Irish Drinking Songs“. It cost two bucks. On a whim, I bought it.

About this time, the Brobdingnagian Bards were getting our start playing Celtic music at Renaissance festivals. We were looking for new music. This wee album had a TON of great songs. In fact, if you look at Songs of Ireland or Best Irish Drinking Songs, you'll probably see a bunch of the same songs from that cassette. I think I learned over half my early repertoire from that album. 16 years later, those are still some of my favorite songs.

Now St. Patrick's Day approaches and I'm getting my music plans in order. This week, I have an Irish Drinking Songs show coming out on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Again, you'll hear many of the same songs you heard on that cassette. I'm out to promote my most-popular episodes of the Pub Songs Podcast, including 19 Best St Patrick’s Day Pub Songs Podcasts. I'm tempted to put together a couple extra shows for that podcast, but not sure I really have the time.

Of course, I have the St. Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival planned as well. In fact, I have TWO shows currently scheduled. The first is on March 10th at 9am. My goal is to officially kick off the festival with a concert and intro to the event. I also have Sunday, March 15th Concert Window performance as well. I may throw in a couple extra shows if I can get everything done in time.

I can't help but wonder what my life would be like if The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs hadn't become so popular on iTunes. It's my success with covering Irish songs that has been my greatest asset and profit maker for allowing me to make a living as a musician. Plus it guided my music. I sing songs that are allow me to interact with my audience. Life would be very different without it.

In any case, thanks for being a part of this year's St. Patrick's Day music. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating and sharing it.