Irish Lilting (Lyrics)

Lyrics and music by Marc Gunn

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids

Come all ye young travelers
Come along with me
We'll sing a song all day long

A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
OH! A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
It's as fun as can be
A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
Oh! A diddle-la-diddle-la-dee
It's Irish Lilting

Clap your hands young traveler
Clap along with me
We'll clap our hands one-two-three

Stomp your feet young traveler
Stomp along with me
We'll stomp our feet all one-two-three

Tap your head young traveler
Tap your head with me
We'll tap our heads now one-two-three

Shrug your shoulders young travelers
Shrug your shoulders with me
We'll shrug our shoulders one-two-three

Rub your belly young travelers
Rub your belly with me
We'll rub our bellies one-two-three

Flap your arms young traveler
Fly away with me
We'll flap our arms one-two-three

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  1. was afraid all the songs were going to be too ‘adult oriented’ here but Kenzie fixed that… the one above is an excellent example of activity & music.. GOOD LUCK O THE NEW C-D.. K. Dobie 🙂

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