Jig to a Milestone – Celtic Music Spotlight


Jig to a Milestone is a Celtic folk duo from Gainesville, Florida, playing your favorite ballads, pub classics, instrumentals, sea shanties, and the occasional bawdy tune. Jig to a Milestone focuses on traditional acoustic sounds. They bring unique instrumentation to a repertoire that spans the centuries.

Jason Catron is the voice and rhythm of the group. He plays a barrage of stringed instruments including guitar, Irish bouzouki, mandocello, tenor banjo, and mandolin. Tearing through jigs at a breakneck speed, Jason's fingers of fire take flight on his handy tin whistle. His rich, lilting baritone fills the air with the purest tone that will make you believe you’re kissing the Blarney Stone!

Victoria Van Arnam plays the Hammered Dulcimer, she’s the cornerstone of their signature sound. Her tiny wooden hammers dance over the strings to produce haunting melodies. The delightful ambiance of the dulcimer is not one to be missed!

Personal Fact: Lead singer gained an octave when he quit smoking.

Band: Jig to a Milestone
Homepage: www.jigtoamilestone.com
from CD: Crawford's Pub (2015)
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida

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