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My friend Lisa got a ticket for my Concert Window show last night. Apparently, they don't send reminder notifications about shows. So I decided to start my own mailing list, exclusively for my Concert Window or YouTube watchers. You'll find out about it in this week's Celtfather.

The plan is that I will send you 2-3 updates before each show: one week before, three days before, and on the day of, to remind you to watch the show.

3 comments on “Join the Internet Concerts Mailing List

  1. I don’t know where is the catch, but I always get reminders from Concert Window! I love them specially for it, as I can be absent minded. So, I never need to worry about this topic. Yesterday I got at least three notifications on my e-mail from CW. 🙂

  2. Last e-mail from CW:

    “Hi Kersti,

    Marc Gunn – Celtic Geek Drinking Songs is streaming live right now. Join in at

    Don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter so they can get a good crowd.

    You’re getting this notification because you follow Marc Gunn.”

    I got first notification about 12h before show time, I purchased my ticket about 6h after that and got another e-mail.

    This is a social-media-instinct. If there is follow-button and you want more information, then press it with pleasure! 🙂

    After first shows they asked for reviews too, but not any more, as you see. Can you moderate these options or ask them?

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