Karen Mueller Autoharp and Celtic Christmas

I'm proud to say I won't be the first autoharper putting together a Celtic Christmas album. I was listening to Riverdance soprano, Katie McMahon‘s CD Celtic Christmas for an article on the Celtic Music Magazine when I heard the distinctive sounds of an autoharp in the mix.

“An autoharp?!,” I thought, “That's awesome!  But who?”  I looked at Katie's CD on CD Baby, then on her website.  Nada.  But a quick google search revealed none other than the great Karen Mueller.  Karen literally wrote the book on Celtic Autoharp.  She's amazing!

Learning this delighted me.  Not only is it a really good album, but I LOVE hearing an autoharp mixed in with traditional Celtic and Christmas tunes and songs.  It just sounds beautiful.  Plus, if I haven't conveyed my point yet, Karen is an awesome autoharper.

If you're looking for a good Celtic Christmas album.  BUY THE CD.  Celebrate the talent of a great autoharp!

Oh!  And if you're looking for more Celtic Christmas music, don't miss the Celtic Christmas Podcast.