Lap Cats Singing Swan Songs

I think I need to write a song about lap cats. You hear all about lap dogs. I used to have one as a kid. But you hear very little about lap cats, and I've never heard no songs about them. Yet, I have two cats who LOVE sitting in my lap. Tiziano is here right now, licking my arm. Youch! Durn rough tongue. If he wasn't so cute!

— Quote of the Week: “Beware of people who dislike cats.” Irish proverb.

Swan Songs is an Austin, Texas based project designed to organize private concerts for individuals and families living with life threatening illness. Patients have the opportunity to request a favorite style of music or local area musician. By bringing live music directly to the home, hospital or hospice facility, Swan Songs helps to create a healing and comforting environment through the fulfillment of musical wishes at the end of life. I had an amazing experience with them last week.

— The Maritime Heritage Network, based in Seattle, featured my CD, Going for Brogue, on their website in early June.

Simple Guide to Hosting a House Concert. I embedded two new videos from which offer simple guides on how to host a house concert.

Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is newly updated. I finally linked the homepage directly to the reviews and free music downloads. You can now sign up to get email updates each day a new post is made. That's where you'll find this CD review of…

— CD of the Week: “The Whiskey Never Lies” by Sligo Rags. What a fun band! The title song was rather popular on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. It's a great mix of Celtic, folk, and bluegrass.

MarcSongs Podcast. “Kitty's Rambles/Dowd's 9 Lives/Jenny's Chickens” is a rockin' set of one jig and two reels. It's free to download when you subscribe to the podcast.


— I have three CD Release Parties coming for Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers. Mark your calendar with these dates below:

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