Lounging in La La Land (Lyrics)

Lyrics and music by Marc Gunn, around 1997

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Ichabod's Geography

Ichabod's GeographyCross the Rainbow Bridge
The Valkyries await
Your sapphire visage
Don't be late
Resist the phage

La la la, la la la, lounging in La La Land

Lyse the lullaby
As it lofts away
Your sapphire syllabai
Don't be late

Lounging in La La Land
Scrounging for a hand
Carousing with repetitive railmen
I'm lounging in La La Land

Rhythm in the Ether world
Soon the connection ends
Your sapphire girl
Hauntingly she grins
Her Duke of Earl


Dm F Dm F-E7

Gm A7

F Gm E7 A7 Dm


lounging in la la land original lyricsWhen first started playing the autoharp, I would learn a strum pattern from an autoharp book by Meg Peterson. Once I learned the strum pattern, I wrote a song to remember it. This was one of those songs that was inspired by my own dreamy attitude, a little Norse mythology, and more than a touch of nonsense.