Marc Gunn’s Top Celtic Bands of 2017

Who were the most-played Celtic bands and artists in 2017 on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast?

Once again, I compiled my list with help from Ask Stephen. Thank you for keeping track of all the songs played by all the podcasters. You are awesome!

Once again, I want to point out two important things. First, I did not include my own music on this list nor that of my band Kilted Kings. Both got a fair amount of play this year. Second, if you ever decide to check out Ask Stephen for an exact number of plays, you will note that there are a LOT of ties. To break those ties, I organize the list to include many of my favorites.

Finally, I've noticed a big change in the music business in 2017. People are streaming more music. I don't know if that's the case with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast listeners, but it's definitely happening.

For that reason, if you enjoy music from these artists or any on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, please show your support. Buy their music. Become their patron. Get a shirt, coffee mug or other swag. Paypal them a few bucks. Email them and thank them for sharing their music.

Top 20 Most-Played Celtic Bands of 2017

  1. Black Market Haggis
  2. The Gothard Sisters
  3. Ed Miller
  4. Ockham's Razor
  5. We Banjo 3
  6. Screaming Orphans
  7. Jesse Ferguson
  8. Battlefield Band
  9. Battlelegs
  10. The Elders
  11. Poitin
  12. Runa
  13. Sons of Malarkey
  14. Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
  15. Screeched Inn
  16. Chambless & Muse
  17. Barleyjuice
  18. Ciana
  19. The Coast
  20. West of Mabou
  21. BONUS: Jiggy

If you have a Celtic band, I would love to play you music on the podcast. But I need your permission. Complete this permission form and maybe one day in the future, you will be one of the top Celtic bands online!