Marc Pick’s Most-Popular Celtic Bands of 2015

I didn't actually pick these amazing bands this week. It was a lot more organic than that. This list features the Celtic bands I played most-often on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I love all of these bands, but there were a few surprises that I didn't anticipate.

Ranked in Order:

  1. The Bow Triplets
  2. The Gothard Sisters
  3. The Sligo Rags
  4. The Stout Pounders
  5. The Elders
  6. Poitin
  7. The Selkie Girls
  8. The Rogues
  9. The Tea Merchants
  10. Eilis Crean
  11. Heather Dale
  12. Breabach
  13. Clandestine
  14. Slan
  15. Jesse Ferguson
  16. Cady Finlayson
  17. Ockham's Razor
  18. Rathkeltair
  19. Jed Marum
  20. Jimi McRae

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