Milk Drinking Songs: St Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids

The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs

It was in 2006 when the Brobdingnagian Bards put together our first album of “drinking songs” called The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs. Almost regularly since then, I've received requests from fans saying, “Can you release an album of drinking songs for non-drinkers?” In fact, Andrew's song “An Irishman Who Doesn't Drink” was written in part because of those requests. I went solo in 2008 and it feels like half my album titles since have included the phrase “drinking songs” in 'em. It's a theme that gets attention. It works.

So I guess it wasn't a shocker when I came up with an idea for my first kids album called St. Patrick's Day Songs for Kids. Wouldn't it be fun to continue the theme and release the album as “Milk Drinking Songs”? It's amusing. But I'm not sure it'll do what I was planning for the album, which is making a fun album with strong keywords to tap into an untapped market. But it really IS a LOT more fun.

I don't know…

In the meantime, I have a wonderful album planned called St. Patrick's Day for Kids. The album is filled with some of my favorite songs played by just me on the autoharp, faster than I normally play most. Many of the songs were performed in one of the last episodes of the Pub Songs Podcast and in one of my St. Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival concerts last year. But not all.

After that show, I recorded a bunch more songs. I re-recorded some that I flubbed. And I wrote a brand new song that I love called “Irish Lilting”.

I was hoping to release this album super early. I had a bunch of Patrons who stepped up on Patreon and got me SUPER close to releasing it. But I'm still not there.

A BIG thanks to Scott though, who just signed up!

Yet, I have started mixing these songs. I'll be sharing them with Patrons over the next couple o'weeks. Here's what the track list looks like at present:

  1. I'll Tell My Ma
  2. Irish Lilting
  3. Happily Ever After
  4. Gypsy Rover
  5. Rising of the Moon
  6. The Sick Note
  7. Lord of the Pounce
  8. I Love Crunching Nuts
  9. Loch Lomond
  10. Said the Horse to the Hobbit
  11. The Leprechaun
  12. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  13. Rattlin' Bog

I picked these songs for being some of the must fun for kids. Some my daughter lovers. Some I've had good success playing for other kids. Some are on old, old CDs. Some I just love.

I think it's a good mix though. Now I'm trying to decide whether I will (a.) release it whether I achieve my Milestone or not, or (b.) raise money for it on Kickstarter.

If I'm gonna Kickstarter it, I need to get moving NOW so I can determine an official release date and get all my ducks in order. I hope to share more soon. For now, I'm gonna talk it over with my Patrons.