“Monahan’s Mudders Milk” (Lyrics, Firefly)

lyrics and music by Marc Gunn, July 19, 2008

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Kilted For Her Pleasure and Firefly Drinking Songs

(Won't you) Pour me a glass
Of Monahan's Mudders Milk
We'll wash the mud away.
If you poor me a glass
Of Monahan's Mudders Milk
We'll leave Higgins' damn Moon some day.

I was 12 years old
When my daddy brought me here
With two brothers who loved to laugh,
But 10-20 in this muddy hole
We lost the laughing muscle mold
And my brothers lost their lives to mudders gas.

My daddy raised one fist
To tell the boss he's pissed,
Another to the foreman on third shift,
But when he raised his shovel
To protest his low wage troubles
He was shot down and dumped in a muddy ditch.

Well mudden's all I know
Until I've ‘nough to go
And take my own three boys far from here.
Maybe another place much worse
In this here cold Verse
Till then I drink my Monahan's for cheer.

Pour me, pour me, mudder, mudder, mudder me,
Mudder, mudder me my milk.
Poor me, mudder me, mudder, mudder marry me
Mudder marry me my milk.


Background: I've been wanting to write another Firefly song for a long time. Today, I decided there was no stopping me, and it would be a drinking song. So I flipped on Jaynestown and watched it a couple times. As I stepped out the door to go grab a bite to eat, the lyrics flooded into me. So I came home and recorded the song.

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