Most-Popular Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Episodes. EVAR!

I've been hosting with Libsyn since I started podcasting, with one short, tragic period when I changed servers. I love them. They are always on top of the changes in the podcasting industry.

One such change was in regards to stats. They now have a whole new site just for statistics as of January 4, 2018 It's a little confusing. So I thought now would be a good time to list out the stats for the past 13 years by sharing the most-downloaded episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

    1. 82,989 – Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #130: Iona, Colleen Raney, The Young Wolfe Tones
    2. 71,052 – #120: St Patrick's Day Special MP3 Downloads
    3. 69,655 – Irish Blessings #129: Steven Hawson, The Duplets, Bard of the South
    4. 66,244 – St. Patrick's Day Music #102: In Search of a Rose, The Canny Brothers Band, Jasper Coal
    5. 65,750 – Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #131: Hair of the Dog, The Triskells, Peter Daldry
    6. 65,202 – 2-Hours of St. Patrick's Day Music #300
    7. 65,567 – Irish Celtic Music #103: Celtic Instrumentals
    8. 63,127 – Top 20 Best Celtic Music of 2012 #134
    9. 62,943 – Rights of Man #87
    10. 61,137 – Hobbit Music by Celtic Artists #133

What makes any one episode more popular than another? The St Patrick's Day or those right before Paddy's Day are easy to guess. But shows like #130 which came out in October 2012? I have no clue. But wow! 82,000 downloads, Incredible!

Any case, thank you for listening to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and allowing Celtic music to grow!

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