My Father Was a Werewolf (Lyrics, Harry Potter)

music by Redhill Rats, words by Peg Kerr

The Redhill Rats are a Celtic folk rock group of Helsinki, Finland. I loved their song “My Father Was a Werewolf”. So when I found an author who wrote a Harry Potter filk of the song, I got excited and decided to record the filk. Download the song from my Marc Songs Podcast.

My father was a werewolf, a Marauder, one of four
Who joined the Order and who fought for Albus Dumbledore
My mother was an auror brave who sped upon her broom
and loved the man with the scarred up face whose boggart was the moon

Lord Voldemort rose again; I heard he caused some harm
with cruel men in the silver masks and the Dark Mark on their arms
Those Deatheaters had no fear, no shame and no remorse
There were burning houses left behind and a hundred broken doors

Come all ye wizards, hear the story of the ones that fell
Buy me Fire whiskey and a beer, and heed the tale I tell
If you have chocolate about you, repel those Dementors
and if this story spooks your wits, I'll tell you something more.

On a night-time visit he encountered some old friends
and told them he was leaving, that his marriage he must end
When Harry called him coward, the wolf rose in his eyes
But he left to go back home to her and to apologize

The Whomping Willow stands right there behind a wooded hill
And I cannot pass by there without thinking about him still
The Shrieking Shack stands in that field, its windows all a-gape,
Haunted by his memory and the ghost of Severus Snape

I believe he truly loved her, but both left me behind
and fell in battle fighting for the rest of wizardkind
My mother was an auror, my godfather’s the Chosen One,
But my father was a werewolf and I am a werewolf's son
Yes, my father was a werewolf, that makes me a werewolf's son.