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Greetings my friend,

April was a busy month. I had a bunch of shows including one on Concert Window, a return to Johnnie MacCracken's Pub, five shows at Starfest, a house concert, and school days at Panoply Arts Festival. It was tough keeping up with all the work at home though. I felt like I barely had time to breathe.

May will be quite a bit different. I dubbed it Baby Watch Month because my second daughter, Inara Claire Gunn, is due on May 15th (Registry at  Babies R Us). Keep an ear open to my Celtfather podcast for updates each week until she arrives. There, you can also chime in on a bonus podcast where I ask “Should Bookstores Go the Way of the Dodo?” Listen to the latest shows and send me your feedback. I'd really appreciate it.

In the meantime, I have another internet concert scheduled for this Sunday evening. If you want to get an email reminder, join my internet concert mailing list now.

Go ahead. Click. I'll wait… 😉

Oh and I have one quick question for you to HIT REPLY right now:
What three songs would you like to learn from me?

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I love going to Barnes & Noble. But while listening to the Sell More Books Show, I got to wondering if there's still a place for them in a world that is more individualized and where people like me prefer to read eBooks.

Listen to the show and post your comments at


Dragons vs. Pirates Album Cover


I was a bit surprised to find that my Dragons vs. Pirates album hit the first stretch goal right before the deadline on April 20th. That is awesome! It means, I get to produce the album I want to produce. You'll get a rockin album of Celtic-style sea shanties with a Steampunk dragon twist, plus a bonus song of “Do Pirates Taste Better“. Thank you SO Much for all of your generosity.

I haven't shared any new information about the album since the Kickstarter closed. But be ready. There's a LOT more to come! #SaveThe Dragons


Soul of a Harper


It's time for a new feature for the newsletter… The CD of the Month. This is where I get to share a wee bit about my many albums. This month, I want to talk about my first solo album.

In 2003 and 2004, I had a bunch of songs I had written and recorded that were not yet part of the Brobdingnagian Bards. They grabbed a different side of my music from the more comedic stuff that the Bards were doing at the time. I also wanted a place to showcase my autoharp skills.

You see, I loved playing music with Andrew McKee, my old music partner. I was getting good on the auotharp. I learned to play melodies in fact. I started writing instrumental autoharp pieces that just didn't work with the Bards. I wanted something different. So I recorded Soul of a Harper.

The title speaks for itself IMHO. It is beautiful and soulful, though not without its fun twists, like my ever-popular song “The Leprechaun” where it first debuted. The Bards music was more Irish-based. So on this album I kicked it off with a Scottish song, “Killiecrankie“. And then there was my birthday song. I wrote “Happy Birthday From Ireland” to celebrate the day of my birth on St. Patrick's Day.

All in all, I'm still very proud of the album. It's beautiful, fun, and soulful, all characteristics I liken to myself.

If you don't yet own a copy, you can save 40% and get it autographed from now until Sunday, May 3rd at



Sunday, May 3, 2015
Concert Window

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Johnnie MacCracken's Celtic Pub @ 9:30pm – 1:00am
Marietta, Georgia

Sunday, May 24, 2015
Concert Window

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Urban Cookhouse Farmer's Market @ 9am
Homewood, Alabama




Thank you again for all your generous support.

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

PS. I do have a fan club that you can join for as little as $1 per month. Go to to sign up.

April 30, 2015

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