Not-So New Celtic Podcasts


Photo of the AyePodcast

Every now and then, I scour the net to find out what new Celtic podcasts are out there. Sometimes, I find something new. Other times, I find something I haven't listened to in a while…and curse myself for not listening more often.

Copperplate CodPast
I saw this show a long time ago. But I finally listened to it last week. It's fantastic. The show has 132 episodes. It focus a lot more on traditional music. So if you like instrumental Celtic music, you'll really love this show. Subscribe to the podcast at

The host runs his own Celtic and folk mail-order company as well at

Celt in a Twist
While Copperplate focuses more on traditional music, Celt in a Twist is dedicated to contemporary Celtic music. It's a high-energy show that seems to have a lot of Celtic rockers and Celtic fusion. There's a lot of Canadian Celtic artists where the show is produced. It's an hour-long show and it comes out every week. So that's a LOT of Celtic music on that podcast feed. Visit to subscribe.

Foot Stompin Scottish Music Podcast
The AyePodcast hails from Edinburgh, Scotland and is produced by Foot Stompin Records which highlights Scottish music groups. So the show features Scottish music. It runs about 30 minutes and is quite engaging. Visit to find out more.


Marc Gunn “The Celtfather” is an acoustic Celtic folk musician–-Celtic music, the Traditional and the Twisted–and Chief Editor of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Gunn is a champion of indie Celtic music and has given away over ten million MP3s through his music and podcasts since he began his Celtic music career in 1999. His Irish & Celtic Music Podcast won “Best Podsafe Music” two years in a row in the Podcast Awards and is one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes.