Orange Kitten’s Mew (Lyrics, parody “May Morning Dew”)

by Karen D. Mitchell

The cats we find are sometimes the sweetest cats on the planet in this parody of “May Morning Dew” from my CD, Whiskers in the Jar: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers.

One sunny June morning as I played in the grass,
I heard a loud meowing beneath my neighbor’s house.
When I peered into the darkness, my heart it pounced anew.
I found the friend I'd wished for in the orange kitten's mew.

I set him in a basket and showed him to my mom,
his wee head under his tail and small body so calm.
I said if I can keep him, there's nothing I won't do,
for my soul was enchanted by the orange kitten's mew.

Dad said we could only keep him 'till he found a new home.
Then the months scurried by; soon the kitten was full grown.
Each evening he and dad cuddled in the living room.
Dad had fallen under the spell of the orange kitten's mew.

Almost five years later, Tiger still brings us much joy,
crying for belly rubs and batting ‘round his toy.
The family is blessed to know a cat so loving and true.
Our lives were changed forever by the orange kitten’s mew.