Pet Shop Math Game for Pre-K Children / CF#48

Big changes are coming to The Celtfather podcast. I can no longer publish the show on Monday mornings like I've been doing, more or less, for a year and a half. The demands of fatherhood and desire to keep a regular schedule to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast means that this show will once again return to 1-3 episodes randomly published throughout the week, as time permits, and as I am hit with inspiration.

Since I'll be homeschooling Kenzie, as well as taking care of Inara, my life is a bit more kids focused. I'm gonna go with that and may publish more kids content.

In the meantime, the new Pub Songs Podcast is now live and new episodes will start up in February or March of next year.

I hope you will enjoy these changes and continue listening and enjoying my music. Slainte!

Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

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Mentioned This Week on The Celtfather #48

  • Pet Shop Math (Pre-K Level) – Listen for the rules of the game and pointers on using this with your kids!
  • Check out the new Pub Songs Podcast, with new episodes due out either in February or March of 2016!