Pub Songs #56: How to Rate Your Songs



Now that I'm moved into my new apartment, I feel a little more relaxed for recording another show. And sure, maybe “rating songs” is not the best topic for a podcast, but I think it's interesting. That's why I talk about my secret philosophy of rating songs as I pour ALL my music into my iTunes.


Year of the Kilt – Celtic Comedy Music

Irish Music in New Orleans

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“The Auld Triangle” by Finn's Fury
from What About Ya?

“The Road To Corrandulla” by Sharon Shannon/Frankie Gavin/Michael McGoldrick/Jim Murray
from Tunes

“Rolling Down to Old Maui” by Jim Hancock
from Rolling Home

“The McGrath Set” by The Langer's Ball
from Ships Are Sailing

“One By One” by John Pointer
from Schizophonic

“King for a While” by The Elders


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First Published on Apr 26, 2010

Year of the Kilt – Celtic Comedy Music

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Hugh Morrison, Accordion Player

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2 comments on “Pub Songs #56: How to Rate Your Songs

  1. Marc, really liked the songs this time around once more.

    I thought “The Auld Triangle” was magnificent. I also liked “Rolling Down To Old Maui” and “King For A While”.

  2. Nice set. I have to admit that I never really thought about ratings on songs in my iTunes. Although I like the way you have set yours up… I may have to steal that idea.
    I doubt though that I will be removing any music from my iTunes since it is the hub for the household. My daughter and my wife would both pitch a fit if I removed Taylor Swift and Abba from the collection. so that maybe the reason why I have not done the ratings thing in itunes…

    Thanks for the shows and keep up the good work.

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