Renaissance Festival Podcast Is SOLD!

It was 2007. I was on the Brobdingnagian Bards Tour of Ireland. Our bus stopped in Blarney, Ireland so our travelers could shop. Andrew McKee and I weren’t much of shoppers. Instead, we found an open piece of grass and started playing music. First our fans gathered to listen. Then people from other tour buses sat down in the grass, soaked in the air and the music.

After finishing a song, some asked, “Are you Marc Gunn? I listen to your podcast”. 

It was the Renaissance Festival Podcast that first had me recognized in IRELAND! I am humbled by such a great experience. I am also super happy to officially pass it on to a new generation.

In February, 2017, I sold the Renaissance Festival Podcast.

It all began on June 26, 2005. I started my second podcast ever with my friend Kristen Roger. It was the Renaissance Festival Podcast. It featured music and entertainment from Ren faires around the U.S. and occasionally the world.

A few years later, I let Joe Haydu take the reigns. He did a brilliant job for a couple years. Then Tony Artym asked how he could help. He setup the Renaissance Festival Music Facebook page and shared his love of faires before joining as a co-host. When Matthew Ledder joined, he and Tony launched a whole new world bringing in incredible interview segments.

It was about that time I stopped working with the show entirely. I was trying to build my music career, and I still had the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and other podcasts.

However, by 2014, the show was barely producing any new episodes. That's when David Reiland approached me at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. He said he missed the the show and wanted to find out how he could resurrect it. I gave him the reigns, and what a bit of magic he has worked!

David has brought on a dozen minions over the past few years to help produce a top notch show of Ren fest entertainment. His networking skills are incredible. And the talent he's brought into the show is just fantastic.

Admittedly, I was hesitant last fall when when he asked to buy the show. But we talked over the past few months. I finally relented last month and sold David the show.

I am still a big supporter of the Renaissance Festival Podcast and even get to be an Honorary Minion (a far more comfortable position for me). Other than that, I am no longer associated with the podcast, the Renaissance Festival Awards or the Hall of Fame.

It was an honor to work with all of these incredible people over the years, an honor to listen and enjoy all of the amazing music, and to meet so many wonderful people through the podcast.

So to all of you, the producers, the minions, the listeners. I say THANK YOU for an amazing journey. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for the show.