Return from Louisiana and Irish Drinking Songs

Safe and sound back in Austin. My kitties are delighted to see me. Torre is purring in my lap as I write and catch up on stuff online.

We had a good trip to Louisiana. I love going there. So many good friends. Our host and her family are just a delight and pleasure. We are very blessed to have them in our lives.

The faire went fairly well all things considered. We were stuck on a stage way too large for us with the sun beating down, but we made the most of it. Even learned a wee bit more about performing on a big stage. We'll see if we have truly learned the next time someone tries sticking us acoustic on a stage like that though. So yes, many interesting observations.

Course, now that I'm home, I need to prepare to leave again tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Fun fun. And have to be back on Saturday. Ari Koinuma is coming over so we can hopefully finish recording the Irish Drinking Songs, the Cat Lover's Companion CD.

Oh! And I was pleased to see that The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs arrived. So I will be putting that album in the mail at the beginning of next week for every one who ordered a copy through the Nagians Only page.

Have a great Thanksgiving!