Selecting Songs for the Celtic Podcast

It used to be very difficult making new episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. The best thing about turning the show weekly is that I streamlined the process. I found new ways to pick tracks other than through the iPod shuffle or just new tracks. I'm pleased to say I found an actual use for social media because that's how I pick artists.

Every now and then I scan Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and I see an artist and think, “I haven't played them in a while.”

Voila! They become part of the playlist.

Well… assuming I remember to add them.

And assuming I find a suitable track.

The best thing about this method to me is that I can help out artists that are in the trenches. They're still performing. I know when and where cuz I'm reading it on social.

Now that said I would not begrudge any artist who isn't on social media. It's more of a hate thing for me than any degree to love. But for now it's necessary… least until I can get all of my fans on my mailing list or listening to my podcasts regularly. But it works.

That said, I gotta say I love this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I played some awesome tracks.

Have you listened? Do you have any favorites?

Share below. Or vote in the Celtic Top 20.

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