Skander was an amazing band that never made it off the ground. We were sort of a combination of the Presidents of the United States of America, “Weird” Al Yankovich, and some classical music. Punk, Ska before ska existed. We later realized our name would've been appropriately written….SKAnder.

The name originated from some cool Sci-Fi story that Johannes introduced and we all voted on when we were briefly a six-piece. Other potential names…Smooth Glass, and our first name Parliamo Troppo, meaning “We Talk To Much,” in Italian.

Skander was voted on and months later, I talked Monte Bingham (on drums) and Johannes-James Rimmer (on bass and keys) to record a three song demo. It was quite a job. We went into DC Recording in Austin at 8 am. We had to be done by noon because I was briefly moving to Arizona. We threw around some songs and sadly let the engineer talk us into not recording one of Johannes' masterpieces, The Dream. But we did record some great tunes that I for one am very proud of despite the poor playing…after all we were Punk.

Intent On World Domination Track Listing

  1. Pez
  2. Got No Brains…Singing
  3. Peach Cobbler Pie

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