The vast majority of the songs I perform are traditional Irish and Scottish songs. However, I continue to play more and more original songs as well as contemporary folk songs. If you'd like to hear the traditional songs, you can find them on my Irish Songs Lyrics website.

Below are my original songs.  If you're looking for the chords for a particular song I play or have questions about one of the ones listed, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Original Songs

  1. A Lil Bit O'Love
  2. A Rabbit for Halloween
  3. Another Lonely Night
  4. Bridget's Prayer
  5. Bring Me Home, Boys
  6. Buttercup's Lament
  7. Buy Me A Drink, Today!
  8. Christmas Elf Conscription Song
  9. Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits
  10. For the Setting Sun
  11. (Psychopahtic Chronic Schizophrenic) Gollum Blues
  12. Happily Ever After
  13. Happy Birthday From Ireland
  14. Here's to the Dreamers
  15. How Do You Tell a Woman You're in Love with Her?
  16. I Saved the Planet Earth
  17. If I Were a Horse
  18. I'll Drink From Dusk Til Dawn
  19. Kilted For Her Pleasure
  20. Liquid Sunshine
  21. Lounging in La La Land
  22. Men of New Basin Canal
  23. Middle Earth Bragging Song
  24. Monahan's Mudders Milk
  25. Monkeys Over Mongolia
  26. No Songs Left to Sing
  27. Now It's Time to Go (Bilbo's Farewell Song)
  28. O'er the Way
  29. Outside My Window (the Zombie Tango)
  30. Pleasant Peasant Pheasant Plucking Song
  31. Red, Red and Black
  32. Reflexology
  33. Samwise Gamgee
  34. Sleepytime, Beddy-Bye Time
  35. The Bridge
  36. The Gosling Reborn
  37. The Heart of Fangorn
  38. The Leprechaun (You're No Irish Laddie)
  39. The Ring of Hope
  40. The Sailboat Armada
  41. The Virgin Diet
  42. They Call Me Crazy
  43. Uncontrollably Charmed
  44. Weathertop
  45. When We French Under the Sun
  46. When She Held Me in Her Arms
  47. Wherever I May Roam
  48. Won't You Come With Me?



  1. A Cat Named Rover
  2. A Drop of Vulcan Blood
  3. Angel's Lament
  4. Big Strong Cat: My Puddy Tat Sylvester
  5. Black Kitty Paw
  6. Black Is the Color of My Cat's Fur
  7. Catnipping Green
  8. Danny Boy
  9. Free Brains!
  10. Furagone's Wake
  11. Harry Potter and the Rising of the Moon
  12. If I Had A Million Ducats
  13. I'll Tell My Cat
  14. I'm the Phone Caller
  15. Jasper Tabby, Kitty Cat-y
  16. Jock Stuart: A Man Who Wears a Kilt Every Day
  17. Lord of the Pounce
  18. Molly Malone
  19. O Susanna
  20. Romulan Ale

  21. She Said Her Name Was Saffron
  22. The Cat Came Back… Cat's Perspective
  23. The Demented Cat Game
  24. The Mining Ship the Red Dwarf
  25. The Nazgul Song
  26. Tiziano Gunn
  27. Twist or Dunk
  28. What Shall We Do With A Catnipped Kitty
  29. When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling
  30. When the Dairy Farm Caught Fire
  31. Whiskers in the Jar


Co-Written Songs

  1. Bridget's Prayer with Jamie Haeuser
  2. Browncoats Keep Flyin' with Rie Sheridan Rose
  3. Christmas Time in Texas with Andrew McKee
  4. Happily Ever After with Nancy Pearsall
  5. Jedi Drinking Song Prequel with Andrew McKee
  6. Men of New Basin Canal with Jamie Haeuser
  7. Paddy McCollough with Andrew McKee
  8. Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster with Matt Hughes, Floyd Brigdon, and Marc Gunn
  9. St. Patrick Never Drank with Spaff
  10. The Ballad of the Sea with Andrew McKee
  11. The Last Chicken in Dublin with Cara Chapel
  12. If I Had A Million Ducats with Andrew McKee
  13. Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers with Jared Billeaud
  14. Those Characters Died with Rie Sheridan Rose
  15. When the Dairy Farm Caught Fire with Jean Prior and Nancy Pearsall
  16. Kitty at the Door with Lynn McKinney


Songs Written By Others That I Play or Recorded

  1. Doctor of Gallifrey by Tom Rockwell
  2. Lusty Young Sith
  3. The Nazgul Song by Michael Donley
  4. Orange Kitten's Mew by Karen D. Mitchell
  5. The Old Woman and Her Cat aka Dundee Cat
  6. Kitty Martin by Lynn McKinney
  7. The Scotsman aka Drunken Scotsman by Mike Cross
  8. My Father Was a Werewolf by Peg Kerr
  9. Hotel Supramonte by Fabrizio de Andre
  10. Heart and Soul by Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael
  11. Whiskers in the Jar by Nancy Pearsall



  1. Song of Assisi
  2. Of Twilight Shores