Celtic Christmas Marketing

I’m doing a whole bunch of Celtic Christmas marketing research. It makes me remember why I’ve been so successful in the music business–the digital realm is virtually untouched. While most Celtic musicians promote themselves online, few have done nearly as much as I have. I told my Patrons the other day that I was looking […]

CG051: Celtic Music Emergency

I was looking at Google Trends today. I found that “Celtic music” has declined dramatically in popularity since 2008. So in today’s podcast, I not only talk about what happened, but also how we can change the trend and create a spike in popularity. Today’s show is sponsored by the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. […]

New CD of Irish Celtic Music, Help Top the Charts

Greetings Gunn Runners! Mage Records (my label), in conjunction with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, is proud to release a brand new CD of Irish Celtic Music. In fact, that is the name of this amazing album. The CD is released under the name Marc Gunn’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. It is a […]

Top Celtic Folk Bands

I came across an article online called the Top Celtic Folk/Rock bands. To me the article was a wee bit blurred. It focuses on Celtic Rock bands, but then casually throws in The Dubliners and The Chieftains.  Kinda weird, but it works him. So that’s fine to me. I mention it because, I finished my […]