Pub Songs Podcast Returns in 2016

Pub Songs Podcast Returns in 2016

I loved the Pub Songs Podcast in much the same way as I love The Celtfather. It was my place to rant on things that were important to me or to share news or some of my music or music that I loved, all in one simple place. As time wore on though, I didn’t have […]

Star Wars Figures Invade GenCon

The first two days of GenCon are over. So far, this is once again a brilliant convention. I’m just having a blast. For starters, I wake up early and get a nice walk in the cool air as I talk with Kenzie and Gwen on Facetime. I love “being there” as Kenzie goes from groggy […]

Collector’s Swamp My Facebook for Geek Memorabilia

I took a break from recording today to take stuff out of my attic. In one box was a bunch of Star Wars items like the Star Destroyer, some X-Wings and Yoda’s swamp. Another box had my Elvis Presley fan club memorabilia. Still another had old issues of Dragon Magazine and all of my AD&D […]

Newsletter: Who Are Marc Gunn Fans? Summer CD Sale

Greetings… Hmm? I don’t know what to call you.  I want a cool name for fans of Marc Gunn.  That’s why I posted the question “Who Are Marc Gunn Fans?”  in my blog.  I want your suggestions. Fans all over Twitter and Facebook piped up.  Here are some of my favorite responses: Gunners Gunnsters Gunnobites Gunnies […]

How I Fell in Love with Hobbits

It was the 6th grade when I first watched the Rankin & Bass animated version of The Hobbit.  My 6th grade had one big room broken up into large cubicles for teaching.  When the movie came on, everyone gathered in the common area.  The blinds were closed.  The movie began. I remember being mesmerized by […]

The Lusty Young Sith (Lyrics, Star Wars)

by Diane Frost In 2005, I received an email from a fan with lyrics parodying one of the songs performed by Brobdingnagian Bards called “The Lusty Young Smith“. This one was a funny Star Wars parody called “The Lusty Young Sith”. I loved the lyrics and saved them for that time in the future when […]