The Demented Cat Game (Lyrics, parody of Patriot Game)

by Marc Gunn, Bard 8/5/2004
Parody of “Patriot Game”

Performed by Marc Gunn
From CD: Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Come all ye young fellows and listen while I sing
For the love of a kitty cat is terrible thing.
He'll banish your senses. You'll be prisoner to his pain.
And he'll make you a part of the demented cat game.

My name it is Marc Gunn, and I'm nearly thirty-three.
My home is in Austin, where two cats live with me.
Well I've known all my life that all cats are insane
Yet I still fell in love with the demented cat game.

These two cats of mine have terrorized me.
My home is too small for their cat tyranny.
But still Tiziano is greatly to blame
He meows and I melt in the demented cat game.

I came in and saw Torre stretched out on his chair.
His sleepy eyes saw me smile at his stare.
His fine body stretched, then his tongue licked his mane.
Contorting his neck in the demented cat game.

It's nearly two years since these two cats moved in.
The sofa's now covered with the scent of cat chin.
Well I read about felines, and never wanted the same.
Until I became part of the demented cat game.

I lie in my bed and on me my cats lie
I see Torre legs bend he's ready to fly.
He jumps on my tummy. I give thanks for the pain.
And the explosive nature of the demented cat game.


Bob Dylan wrote his own version of “Patriot Game” back in the 60s in response to the Vietnam War. You can’t blame him, because “Patriot Game” is just a great tune. So it was a must to parody for my Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD. This story tells of the dominion of the cats in my household.