The Gosling Reborn (Lyrics)

by Marc Gunn, September 26, 2006

There's nothing more amazing than meeting a woman who wholly clicks with you. I recorded it for my non-typical love songs CD A Tribute to Love.

Like a mystical swan from Avalon
My heart erupts from the myst across glassy waters,
Gliding in holy ascension
From the macabre of past disappointment
Into a New World
Of Chivalric Songs,
Set in new, unimaginable landscapes,
Encapsulated with enchanting trees
And a more enchanting lady.

She's like the gosling reborn
As a phoenix to the experience
Of lifting her head from the ashes,
A new magical life perched on a swollen birch
Singing to the glory of Serendipity and answered prayers,
Like a zephyr we launch into the light
Of the dawning day
Our backs to the cloudy walls of uncertainty.

3 comments on “The Gosling Reborn (Lyrics)

  1. i’ve been stuck on this song for the past two days. the autoharp and the lyrics agree so perfectly with each other, i’ve found it hard to listen to anything else.

  2. dear sir.
    your poetry is amazing .I wonder how do you get all this varity in your poetry.wonderful.i like this somg speacially.a language that is more like that of TOLKIEN.

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