Top 10 Irish & Celtic Music Podcasts of 2017

I like to know which are the most-popular episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Why is one show downloaded more than another? Which ones truly resonate with listeners? Sometimes it's tough to determine.

If I want to see what the most-popular episodes are of a given year, how do I determine that? Do I do it strictly by downloads? Or is there another way?

2017 was a great year for the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. I don't know that we have received 60K+ downloads of an episode in years. But show #300 did just that. Over half of the shows had over 20K downloads. Five broke 30K.

That's amazing to think about. And extremely exciting for me as the producer of such an awesome podcast.

This year, I decided to compile my list of most-popular episodes a little differently. First, I looked at total number of downloads. The St Patrick's Day shows blew all of my other shows out of the water. But some were more popular than others.

Then I broke up the year into quarters: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. I broke it up like that because obviously, shows at the beginning of the year are gonna get more downloads than those at the end.

Next, I looked for outliers, shows that had more downloads in their quarter than other shows. Ones that will probably be enjoyed much more over the long run.

From this list I present to you the Top 10 Most-Popular episodes of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast in 2017:

  1. 2-Hours of St. Patrick's Day Music #300
  2. 2-Hour Best Celtic Music Retrospective #296
  3. St. Patrick's Day Celtic Top 20 #299
  4. 2-Hours of Scottish Music #317
  5. 17 for St Patrick's Day #298
  6. Scottish Music #292
  7. Kilts and Corsets #310
  8. Celtic Music Journal #312
  9. Rolling Home #319
  10. Getting Started With Celtic Music #334

Thank you for listening and supporting independent Celtic music. I hope these shows inspire you to celebrate Celtic culture with music wherever you are.


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