Top the Celtic Charts – Cady Finlayson

Speaking of topping the charts. I updated the Celtic Top the Charts feature at the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast with a new artist. My goal is to help push an independent Celtic music group to the Top of the Charts on iTunes. The next new chart topper is scheduled for June 15th.

This month's feature is for Cady Finlayson, a Celtic fiddler out of New York. Her new CD, Irish Coffee is a “tasty plateful of music for the ears”. (Read the Review) The goal is to push her song “Tuttle/Caislean an Oir” to the Top of the Charts on iTunes.

How do we do that?

  1. Go to iTunes and purchase Track 1, “Tuttle/Caislean an Oir” on June 15th.
  2. Then keep an eye open on the Top 100 World Music Songs on iTunes, and we'll see if we made an impact.

Why should we do this?
Independent artists don't get much attention. Celtic music artists even less so. If we work together towards a common goal, we will make a great impact on the world as whole. And you can make an impact on our musical genre specifically.

So if you use iTunes, please help us change the face of music by supporting the Celtic Chart Topper of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Click here to get started!