Gunn Runners Club

Marc Gunn Celtic Music Banner at Pepper Place Market

The music industry is changing. CD sales and digital downloads are being replaced by streaming music. Without steady sales, it's more difficult than ever to make a living as a musician.

Enter the Gunn Runners Club!

Gunn Runners (fans of my music) are joining the Club for as little as $1 per month to support my craft.  You become an official Patron of the Arts. In return, you get:

  • Behind the scenes stories and thoughts
  • Early access to my music
  • Early access to new videos
  • Exclusive Stories from the Road Podcast
  • Early access to Pub Songs Podcast
  • Access to a private Facebook community
  • Live concert recordings
  • Public thank you on social media

You can also Kickstart new CDs for $12 per month, and I'll send you autographed, physical CDs each time one is released, at least twice a year.

Here's a small sampling. Join your fellow Gunn Runners on Patreon!

Full Albums in ZIP Format

  1. Celtic Halloween EP: Four song EP featuring: “I'll Drink From Dusk Til Dawn”, “O'er the Way”, “Won't You Come With Me?”, and “Witch Doctor”
  2. Free Celtic Geek Compilation, Version #1
  3. The Bridge: Free download of one of my favorite albums
  4. St Patrick's Day Songs for Kids: The full album of fun songs for your kids
  5. Celtic Love compilation: Full album featuring some of my most-romantic songs including two new recordings

Music MP3s

  1. She's Shiny! (Lyrics)“: iPhone recording
  2. There's a Bug in Cabin Six“: Lyrics
  3. Raise A Glass to Flyin'“: Lyrics
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen“: Celtic Christmas song from Kilted Kings
  5. Why Do You Torture Me?” (Rough iPhone recording)
  6. New MP3: Come and Be a Pirate
  7. A Pirate's Confession or Something More?
  8. The Wreck of the Bold Lady Jean (Original iPhone Recording)
  9. The Shining Lady Jean” and “Ballad of Jenny Malloy”: Rough cuts on iPhone
  10. Leezie Lindsay“: Scottish song I recorded that missed the cut for Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion
  11. Irish Lilting“: Final version
  12. Nollaig Shona Daoibh“: early solo mix
  13. Steppping Down the Road“: instrumental, early recording
  14. Marionette Jig“: early recording, instrumental tune
  15. Slainte Mhaith“: early solo recording
  16. Farewell to the Sea“: early recording, unnamed instrumental tune
  17. What Child Is This?“: scrapped version
  18. Let's Have a Celtic Christmas“: first mix, sans added instrumentation
  19. Christmas in the Shire“: first mix
  20. Snowfall“: final version, sans added instrumention
  21. Snowfall“: original recording
  22. Frosty the Irish Snowman“: First recording, sans additional instrumentation
  23. Walking Home to The Shire“: Instrumental recording
  24. You Wrote Your Name On My Soul“: Early recording
  25. Mingulay Cat Song“: Early recording
  26. Blue Sun“: Original recording
  27. Browncoat Baby“: Early recording

Internet Music-Only Concert Recordings

  1. Live MP3 Concert – Johnnie MacCracken's in May 2016
  2. 3rd Annual Halloween Special
  3. Live Show from Celtic Invasion of Cornwall
  4. October 2016 Patron's Picks Show
  5. Celtic Geek Halloween
  6. Live at Johnnie MacCracken's September 2016
  7. Johnnie MacCracken's Live Show in May 2015
  8. Celtic Halloween Show
  9. Firefly Drinking Songs Live at DragonCon 2014

Video Concert

  1. Marc Gunn Invasion
  2. Nerd Pub Songs
  3. Replay of Live in Purgatorre Show June 2, 2016
  4. Replay of Irish Drinking Songs Show on Concert Window
  5. Live Video from Johnnie MacCracken's Celtic Pub in 2015
  6. Replay of Last Night's Scottish Songs Show on Concert Window
  7. 2nd annual Celtic Halloween music show
  8. Live at the Cactus Cafe Album Release
  9. Celtic Christmas Christmas Craic

Music Video Singles & Video Diaries

  1. It's called “Elven”!
  3. French Farmer's Market with Dicey Riley
  4. Beer, Beer, Beer
  5.  Family Escape to New Orleans
  6. New Video: Keep Them Soaring
  7. A Pirate's Confession Official Music Video
  8. We'll Have A Pint
  9. A New Recording of “Name On My Soul”
  10. Purple Flower
  11. Everybody Needs a Drinking Song
  12. New video – Ye Jacobites
  13. Video: 2 Live Performances + Intro to Life of a Musician
  14. GenCon 2015 Photos with Jedi Music
  15. 15-Second Postcard with Baseball, Dragon Eggs and Rain
  16. Lord of the Pounce

Random Bits of Fun

  1. Firefly Drinking Songs Songbook (PDF)
  2. How to Have a Hobbit Birthday Party (PDF)
  3. The First Pirates vs. Dragons Album Cover
  4. Read Pirates vs. Dragons
  5. Marc Gunn, DJ for KSAM 108 FM: My first “podcast” where I pretended to be a DJ
  6. Jonathan Talltale: A radio show I recorded as a kid inspired by “Fibber McGee & Molly”
  7. Life as a Working Musician #1: Should I try audio storytelling?


Yes. I love to create podcasts. You'll enjoy these podcasts, sometimes even before regular listeners:

  1. The Celtfather
  2. Pub Songs Podcast
  3. Stories from the Road (exclusive for patrons)

That's a lot of fun music, videos and entertainment that you will enjoy when you join me on Pateron.