7 Ways You Can Be a Patron of the Arts

It’s not easy being a full-time musician.  I struggle every month to keep from slipping deeper into debt.  It’s even tougher now that I have a family to support.  But I’m doing it… thanks to you!

You see, my philosophy is I want fans who love my music.  That’s why I give away a TON of MP3s.  I’ve given away millions (literally).  I do it all with the hope that you will be inspired to become a Patron of the Arts by buying my music, swag and make donations to my music business.

1. Buy Marc Gunn CDs

I still love CDs… ripping open that package and holding a fresh, smooth CD in my hand by an artist I love.  It is priceless.  That’s one reason I started my own label, Mage Records.  I even have my own Celtic Music CD Store to sell my music.

You can also buy them from CD Baby.  I love those folks.  They’ve made a huge difference in my musical career.  Not to mention, they host an amazing assortment of indie Celtic musicians.  Check ‘em out!

If you want to buy bunch of CDs at a discount for resale, buy my CDs wholesale.

2. Buy Marc Gunn MP3 Downloads

If you prefer downloading music, there are a bunch of options.  CD Baby is still my top choice.  They offer high-quality, DRM-Free music from singles to full albums.  Plus, I make the most money from them.

If that’s not your speed, check out Amazon.  You can buy MP3s a wee bit cheaper than at the other websites.  That said, my profit is a bit smaller.  However, there is an added bonus for me.  I’m an affiliate of Amazon.  That means, whenever you click one of my Amazon links and then buy anything on that website (not just my music), I get a small commission.  It’s miniscule, but it adds up.  So buy a computer over there for me!

If you’re an iTunes addict like, you can buy my music through the iTunes Music Store.  Files are now DRM-free, but they are proprietary.  I prefer MP3s, but dang it, iTunes is easy.  They also pay pretty well.

Oh! And whenever you buy iTunes music, my songs climb up the charts.  That means more people find my music and buy it.

3. Buy T-Shirts

A number of people asked me to sell Celtic T-Shirts, so I did. My main shirt is the “Kilted For Her Pleasure” shirt. You can also find a variety of shirts and swag on Cafepress.  I offer my own poetry book some fine art and more.

4. Become a Patron

Yes. This is the obvious one. Patreon is my personal fan club. I share news, music, videos, podcasts and more. You can get great content before anyone else. Just sign up at www.marcgunn.net for as little as $1 per month.

5. Make a Donation

If you really love my music, make a donation.  Even $1 helps.  But I make it easy for you to donate $5, $10, $100 and more.  Or you can setup a subscription to donate monthly and support my art.  Because that means more music for you to enjoy!

6. Support My Sponsors

There are a bunch of sponsorship ads on my various websites and in my blogs.  If there’s something that looks interesting, please follow the link.  Some of those ads pay me for each click (but don’t click just to support me, make sure it interests you).  Others are affiliates.  And still others are just people who have a great product that I love.  If there’s something that inspires you, click it.

7. Support Indie Celtic Music!

Finally, one of my goals is to help indie Celtic musicians.  That’s why I release these podcast and share all this great music with you.  I also ask you to buy their CDs.  Yes, I would prefer it if you follow or bookmark one of my links to Amazon or CD Baby.  But ultimately, I want you to support these musicians.  If you find another Celtic artist that you enjoy, just buy their music.  Get it at their shows.  Make donations on their websites.  Buy their swag.

We are all in this together.  We’re all looking to make an impact as musicians.  We want to inspired and excite you with our music.  We want you to talk about us.  We want to be heard.  So if there’s an indie musician out there who you love, support them.  Show the world that you are a fan of indie Celtic music!

Marc Gunn

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