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A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the next CDs I'd like to release this year.  Yes, I did re-release my Love CD as planned, but I may be a little bit overzealous as usual to hope that I can release two CDs. So I thought I'd start by seeing what you want.

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I should point out that I am not done promoting Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day.  In fact, I'm still pretty psyched that it is doing so well.  Sherwood Forest Faire opened this weekend.  I had a bunch of Gunn Runners show up at my shows.  I played some new songs, and I also got to play all these St. Patrick's Day classics.  That is another reason I recorded this CD.  Many of these are my favorite songs to play–“Whiskey in the Jar”, “Old Dun Cow”, “A Drop of Nelson's Blood”, “Drunken Sailor”, “Rising of the Moon”, “Nancy Whiskey”…

Anyway, let me know what CD you're looking forward the most.  I still hope to release both.  In fact, I'm thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign and raising money for both via stretch goals… We'll see how it works though.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I haven’t found a song I don’t like. my favorite are the Filk version I enjoy playing the ‘trad.’ songs then playing the Filk c-d with same melodies. Just keep playing & posting photos & I will be a happy camper…

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