Wanted: Celtic Christmas Song Lyrics for Kids

I drove Kenzie to daycare this morning. We listened to Christmas songs for kids on Spotify. Yesterday, I listened to Celtic Christmas music on Spotify. I was a bit disappointed with the “Celtic Christmas” selections on Spotify. I really think I need to pursue a new theme for the holidays.

It seems to me that there are no fun and playful Celtic Christmas songs out there, the type that kids would enjoy. The closest I've seen is my “Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song“. I'd like to build an album of a Celtic Christmas music that would not only satisfy the spirit of the Celts and Christmas during the holidays. I'd also like to create a new mythology for this theme, much like I did with Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers.

Celtic Christmas Elf

Celtic Christmas Mythology

One of the things I love about my cat CDs is that it's not just Celtic music about cats. There's an underlying mythology that was created as well. It incorporates stuff we know about cats, ie. they sleep a lot, they like catnip, etc. I also added my own mythology, like the idea that Catnipping Green is where cats go when they die. When I first asked people to submit lyrics for that album, one person wrote a death tribute song, but it contradicted the mythology I created. So I couldn't add it. That's what I'd like to do with a Celtic Christmas album.

My “Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song” is what really sparked the idea for me. It was the first to incorporate a Celtic Christmas mythology. It used the idea of a British recruitment officers who used to put a coin into a mug of beer. The unsuspecting person was then conscripted into the Royal Navy with that coin as their first payment. 

In my song, Leprechauns in Ireland are conscripted in much the same way to be part of the Santa's elves. They are forced to work in the North Pole for one year before they are allowed to return home. That's just a fun, delightful start to a whole world of imagination and mythology.

What else could be a part of that mythology? How could the story develop? Do humans know about this? Do the children? What would their response be? Do they care at all?

In another song I wrote called “Kilted Christmas“, a Scotsman joins the Wise Men in Bethlehem when Jesus is born. How could that evolve? Maybe there's a song ala “I Saw Three Ships” about a Scotsman on the open ocean following the star to Israel.

What other stories could be part of the Celtic Christmas mythology?


Wanted: Celtic Christmas Song Lyrics for Kids

This is where you can help. I'd like you to write some Celtic Christmas song lyrics. I'm not looking for music. Just lyrics that I can add music to. Ideally, I'd like catered towards kids. Fun lyrics. Upbeat and playful. Though they should also reflect the current Christmas mythology and character. If they're about Santa Claus, there's a lot to work with. If they're about Jesus' birth, same thing. If they're just good fun Christmas songs that would fit well in Ireland or Scotland, brilliant!

Write some lyrics and post them in the blog below or email them to me slainte@marcgunn.com with “Celtic Christmas Song Lyrics” in the subject line.

My Celtic Christmas Goal

I don't know when I will actually use or record this album. I know it won't be done this year. Right now, I'm recording one or two songs per year, both traditional and original, as well as songs by others. My friend Nancy Flynn sent me some awesome Hobbit Christmas songs. Those MUST be recorded some day.

The one thing I hope to do is release an EP this year featuring *crossing fingers* five Christmas songs. It will be limited-edition CD as well, if I can get it done. I'm debating whether I will record under a marketing pseudonym or not. So stay tuned.