15 Ways You Can Get Involved


Did you know that word-of-mouth marketing is the #1 any musician or business can promote themselves. Past fans have helped me book gigs, get featured on TV, podcasts and news, and even helped me attract new Gunn Runners.

These are some of my top tips for how you can get involved and spread the word about my music.

1. Tell a Friend

Word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media. We all have friends. The trick is how to tell them about the music. If there's someone who you think might like my music, email them along with a link to one of my sites. Tell them what it is about my music that inspires you, makes you smile or laugh or cry. Make it relate to them. Get excited and talk.

2. Share My Music

If you love my music, share it. I want everyone in the world to hear it… or at least everyone who might enjoy Celtic Geek music. I'm looking at the long game. I have no problem with you burning a CD for a friend, or sending an MP3 or even a ZIP file of MP3s if you think it will make me new fans. I don't mind if you put a full album on bittorrent. My goal is to be heard. So share. Any way you can.

3. Post a Song on Social Media

Are you listening to my music right now? Share it on social. You can find all of my albums on YouTube and Spotify. Most of my songs are on my Reverbnation account and many are on Bandcamp as well.

Listen to a song. Then share it. If you think a specific friend might enjoy it, then share that song with that person. Then include a link to my social profile.


4. Listen and Share My Podcasts

Podcasts are an incredible way to get my music heard, especially for those who might not think they would like my music. Listen and enjoy my podcasts, including The Celtfather, Pub Songs Podcast or Irish & Celtic Music Podcast (find all of them here).

Does an episode make you smile? LIKE and SHARE the individual shows that I post to social media as well. That will help those posts gain more traction and more people will like my page and find my music. When you promote my podcasts, you promote my music!

5. Request My Music on the Radio

Wherever you live, you will probably find a Celtic, folk, or novelty music show near you. Often they are found in college markets or sometimes just on public radio. If you enjoy a radio program that my music might fit in, email the program director and tell them about me. You can tell them I have a whole media page where they can download all of my albums. I'm happy to provide the password OR I'll send CDs, whatever they want.

Once they have my music, you can call or email a request. Open up a dialogue with the show host. You may be surprised how willing they are to help.

6. Request My Music on a Podcast

I've been played nearly hundreds of podcasts. New podcasts are being created daily. Contact your favorite podcaster and request they play my music. If they don't have any music, you're welcome to send yours or tell them to contact me. I'm happy to send them downloads or CDs.

Oh! And while you're at, have you considered starting your own podcast? I'd love for you to play my music. I'd be happy to do an interview.

Celtic Invasion of Cornwall 2016

7. Join Me in Ireland

Ever year year, I host my Celtic Invasion Vacations. A group of like mind Celtic music lovers and fans of my music travel to exotic locations and enjoy a relaxing week together. If you've ever want to see the world, you'll enjoy it more with a small group of friends. So come join me on a Celtic Invasion Vacation.

8. Get and Share Your Marc Gunn Bumper Stickers

Stickers are fun! My “Kilted For Her Pleasure” stickers continually get a laugh and I've given out over 5000. People love 'em. Get a free Kilted sticker here.

9. Show Your Gunn Runner Colors

I try to release a new t-shirt every year. Even if I don't sell a lot, they are great for helping Gunn Runners find each other and for getting people to talk about my music. My shirts will make it easier for you to share more about my music.


10. Take Video at Shows

People get excited about music when they can experience it. That's why live shows are still the #1 I make new Gunn Runners. So next time your watch a show, whether it is online or offline, shoot one video and post it to YouTube or Facebook. Don't worry. I won't mind one bit.

11. Take 3-5 Pictures That Tell a Story

I love seeing pictures from live shows as well. Usually the picture is of me. I love seeing myself, but that's the case with everyone. So instead of just taking a snapshot of me, take a picture of me performing in front of a group of people. Take a picture of the two of us together. Take a picture of someone enjoying my show. Those are the pictures that tell a story and will inspire more people to join the Gunn Runners.

12. Volunteer to Help Directly

I don't have enough time to do all I need to promote my music. I need help. Before you contact me, I should point out, I'm a terrible manager. That's why I look for people who are self-starters, people who I can suggest a job for them to do, and they will do it and more with maybe a monthly communication with me.

13. Become a Patron

I believe patronage is the wave of the future. For that reason, I give a LOT of extra content and interaction to anyone supports my music. It only costs $1 per month, which is less than the cost of a Coca Cola. Sign up today!

14. Play My Music Loud and Proud

How many Gunn Runners have told me they were blaring an Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers CD from their truck at a Renaissance festival or Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits in their office. There's nothing like a song about Firefly, Jedi, or Doctor Who or a great Irish drinking song to get people talking about my music. So turn up the volume. Your music is just as important as Top 40 hits.

Oh! Of course, that means you should buy my music too if you don't already own it.

15. Keep Reading My Blog

I try to keep new ideas coming all of the time. Read past promo tips. My blog is one of the best places for me to share them and help you to keep spreading the word.