What Color Is Your Dragon? Update

Today was another day of mixing and recording for What Color Is Your Dragon?. Didn't feel nearly as productive. I have about four songs that are right on the edge of being finished, but are on hold. One, “Don't Go Drinking with Hobbits”. I think I have to re-record. It's a very clean, sharp-sounding recording, but it sounds boring.

That's one of the reasons I like recording live. It usually captures a fresher, more energetic sound. Not cold and sterile. Course, this one was recorded live. But I think I recorded it too late at night.

If I get it done, I'll have 18-20 songs on the CD. The songs are a lot shorter overall, barely three minutes. But it sounds less freaky, like I expected it would. I think it's just “If I Were a Horse” that is freaky. So I'm debating whether I even want it on the album.

I am hoping to bring in my friend Clif Haley to record guitar on one song. Haven't seen him in forever. He used to play with Plow Monday. Fantastic guitarist and interestingly, he's playing more blues rather than rock these days.