You Can Help Me Raise Money for My Next Cat CD

“To Love Is Human, To Purr Divine”

I love my kitties with a passion. Working at home, I spend a lot of time with them, and they spend a lot of time with me.

In fact, in February 2006, I caught them napping together, paws tossed over one another taking a simple cat nap. They were adorable. So I grabbed my camera and *snap*. I captured a beautiful image and saved it to my computer.

Later that day, I was inspired. I sat down on my long antique couch. Not the best place to paint, but it's comfortable. I printed a copy of the image and started painting. I was amazed by the finished item. It kinda touched me. I love this painting.

As much as I love it, I feel I must part with it for a bigger cause. You see, it is time for me to start planning the follow-up CD to Irish Drinkings Songs for Cat Lovers. That album was not inexpensive to make. I expect this album to cost $6,000-10,000 to make. Yeah. Not pretty. I don't have that kind of money. So I need to start raising money to pay for the new CD. Yes, I have new Celtic Cat Wooden Mugs to help me in my goal. But it's not enough.

Because of this financial difficulty, I decided it is time to put my favorite painting, “To Love Is Human, To Purr Divine” up for sale.

But I am not just making this available for any old purpose. All the money earned from this painting will go towards the release of my next Celtic Cat Lovers CD. This is for the die hard cat lover, and the sooner I get this sold, the quicker I can start production on the album. In September, I start looking for a producer. So stay tuned.

“To Love Is Human, To Purr Divine” is a one-of-a-kind acrylic painting on canvas. It is 12″ x 91/4” and currently still on its frame.

Buy Cat Portrait: $2500

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