I Saved the Planet Earth (Lyrics, Dr. Who)

by Marc Gunn, November 26, 2007

This song was an experiment in my Pub Songs Podcast. My goal was to write a song off the cuff. People would give me words and I would take those words and write a song. I think the words for this song were: Dr. Who, ladybug, hypernova, and mailbox. Overall, it kinda worked. I could see this episode. You can find it on my CD What Color Is Your Dragon?.

I heard a loud sound outside my drugstore
So I stuck out my head
A man stepped out of a blue telephone box
And this is what he said,

“Last night, with the help of that mailbox
A hypernova gave birth
Last night with the help of that mailbox
I saved the planet earth.”

He told me how an alien wrote a short letter
As an introduction to the human race
But when he licked the envelope, the glue touched his tongue
And a hypernova collapsed in its place.

This hypernova sent waves of destruction in its path
A ladybug was the first to see, it's true
She realized it could not pass through the steal mailbox
So she telephoned her friend, The Doctor. Who?

Well The Doctor he appeared outside the drugstore
The letter he dropped in the mailbox
Five minutes later he opened up the box and earth was saved
Then The Doctor was arrested by the cops. He cried…